If this moment of existence has taught me anything, it is that justice, community healing, and our collective liberation are not possible without all of us playing a role.

This truth is affirmed for me every time we are slammed with news: migrant children separated from their families, black life…

Reflecting on Family Separations and Immigration Detention as a Transnational Adoptee

Did you know I’m an immigrant? Or maybe you knew before I understood that I was one, when you asked me “But where are you really from?”

My adoptive family in Minnesota, 1995

Did you know I’m an immigrant? Or maybe my lack of apparent Filipino culture and dissolved traces of my mother tongue let me…

Last month, the Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security (DHS) jointly released proposed rules to the U.S. asylum system that, if implemented, will deprive the vast majority of children of their right to seek asylum.

Graphic by The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

The proposed rule to overhaul the asylum system will make it nearly impossible for…

Time has FLOWN since I returned from Kenya. It seems nearly impossible to express how much I learned, but one the thing that amazed me on the daily was learning about the complexity and capacity of WOPLAH’s work within their community. Words seem to be failing me now, but below is a diagram of the wholistic approach WOPLAH employs to achieve their goals. I am grateful for a summer of deepening relationships and partnership with the WOPLAH and GROW teams.

Photo Cred: Nicole Jorgenson

*In the spirit of the closing of another year, I am attempting to condense and align my digital presence. This post was originally published 9/27/14 on my [now archived] Wordpress blog, “Kenya Feel the Love?”

We have just passed the half-way point of our GROW internship here in Mumias, Kenya — and yet I am still being blown away every day by WOPLAH’s inspiring work within this community. WOPLAH’s mission to address the pain and suffering of orphans, vulnerable children, and people living with HIV/AIDS…

Zanzibar is known for their amazing spices so my team and I decided to spend our first full day on a local spice tour. It was neat to hear about the multiple uses for the natural spices and all of the fruit was SO GOOD. For sure, the best bananas…

Desiree Hartman

Fighting for children’s rights at the intersection of migration, mental health, racial justice & international relations. Lover of humanity + our earth.

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